Ford Ranger Satellite Navigation By Sentry

The new Ford Ranger is an amazingly capable vehicle that is easy to love but if you are on the fence due to the lack of reverse sensors, satellite navigation, reverse camera and an integrated, in-dash touch screen today is a happy day.

Introducing a Sentry Automotive Solutions integrated, in dash GPS Multimedia system that takes the new Ford Ranger into a whole new level.

This module is so completely integrated that it even makes use of the original buttons on your dash and your friends will be scratching their heads in wonder because, quite simply, it looks like a factory installed entertainment and satellite navigation system.

After a simple installation which can be carried out at any of Sentry’s nine locations around Sydney, you will drive away with a dash that the guys from ‘Pimp My Ride’ would be proud of.

Instantly experience the powerful functions of the entertainment system, marvel at the crisp reverse camera image (with guidelines) AND the built-in GPS function will offer you the safe and enjoyable driving anywhere and anytime.

Ford Ranger Satellite Navigation Upgrade – Key Specifications

Multi-function Entertainment:

  • Original OED Design – plug and play PLUS voice control
  • Built-in GPS, Intelligent Voice Guide, Route Plan, Advanced POI
  • Bluetooth with A2DP, Hands Free
  • Mp3/Mp4 Player
  • USB Display/ SD Display
  • 45Wx4 power amplification and 4.1 channel pre-out
  • One rear view camera (CVBS), one video in (CVBS)
  • Backlight Dimmer

Hardware Highlights:

  • SiRF Prima 600Mhz CPU, Powerful ARM 11 architecture, 300MHz DSP,
  • faster speed, higher performance
  • Mobile Hard Drive: support (exFAT, 2TB)
  • Play and charge: iPhone 3G, iPod (Calssic, Nano, Shuffle), iTouch
  • Video: RMVB/RM, AVI, MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264/WMV;D1 resolution,
  • (NTSC: 720*480/PAL: 720*576)
  • Support 3D Hardware Acceleration: HD 3D graphics for real 3D map
  • High-Speed USB 2.0: 480Mbps
  • 2 USB Port, Charge to mobile phone
  • Storage: 4GB SD/Micro (standard), supports SD & USB up to 64GB
  • Built-in Memory Nand Flash up to 4GB
  • DDR RAM: 128MB DDR-400MHz (two times than its competitor)

Software Highlights:

  • Windows CE 6.0
  • Dual Zone Entertainment
  • GUI Customization, Skin Change
  • Language Customized: more than 17 languages optional
  • Start Up Images, easy to customised
  • Main Menu Logo, easy to customised
  • Bidirectional Copy Files between: USB Flash/SD and Built-in Storage
  • Friendly Navigator Path Setting, easy to change

Ford Ranger – Navigation Features

  • High Definition Digital Touch Screen
  • Built in GPS Navigation . Super-Fast 600 MHZ Processor
  • Text to Speech . Spoken Street Names
  • School Zone Warnings . Speed Camera Warnings
  • Warnings can be invoked even if not navigating
  • Built in Bluetooth . High Clarity . Hands Free With External Microphone
  • Fast Phonebook download with Alpha Numeric Selection
  • Incoming call number display
  • Navigation over Bluetooth . Map Only . No Voice Interruption
  • A2DP Bluetooth Music Streaming . Digital Quality
  • Ipod Interface . Full Ipod Control . Charges when Connected .
  • 2 X USB Interface . Can Manage up to 500 GB HDD
  • Steering Wheel Control Interface
  • 4GB Internal Hard Disk Drive for Music, Photo, Video Storage

For your peace of mind, Sentry’s Ford Ranger by Opal is backed with 3 year warranty

Give Sentry Automotive Solutions a call today for more information about the Ford Ranger navigation upgrade on (02) 8577 4922

*Individual product and labour warranty terms and conditions apply.

Electro-Magnetic Interference Tinting

Automotive Tint Electo-Magnetic Interference Non-Metalised (AT-ENINM) is a window film that is available between 17% and 35% visible light transmission and is specifically developed to overcome metalled film interference.

Most quality modern tints are comprised of tiny flecks of metal however these metallic tints can interfere with reception if your car has an integrated antenna system for the satellite navigation, radio or integrated telephone.

Unfortunately, non metal tints have a reputation for turning an unpleasant shade of purple after a relatively short time but AT-ENINM is an electro-magnetic interference free tint that will not purple over time.

The stability of colour in ENINM is achieved through the process of multiple layered UV absorbers which ensure the film is fade resistant yet the film is optically unsurpassed with high clarity and low reflection which offers clear uninterrupted viewing day or night.

Another potential issue with window tint is lifting or bubbling. AT-ENINM overcomes this issue with a patented high performance resin mounting adhesive so when this product is applied, it sticks fast and looks great for the years ahead.

AT-ENINM is also scratch resistant to withstand those inevitable knocks of day to day life so if you are searching out a car tint film that gives great looks, optimal clarity and won’t interfere with your electronic gadgetry, AT-ENINM could offer the solution you have been looking for.

Call Sentry Automotive Solution for a car window tinting quote today and remember, we have ten convenient locations all around Sydney or we can come to you! Call us on (02) 8577 4922

Sentry In Car Drop Down DVD Player

10.2″ Roof Mount TFT Monitor with Integrated DVD Player & 2 Infrared Headsets

If ‘Are we there yet?’ is all you hear on long drives then let Sentry install a rear entertainment system to your vehicle to eliminate the boredom of long journeys for your children and give the front seat occupants some ‘quiet’ catch up time.

Sentry offer an affordable, yet high quality system by Sentry that offers value and reliability. Like all Sentry products, this in-car DVD player and entertainment system is designed to professionally mount to factory interior bracing, creating a seamless ‘factory fit’ look.

The great thing about roof mounted DVD systems is that they are centrally located for easy viewing by all rear passengers. The system also comes with 2 head sets so all you should hear from the back seat on your long journeys is the sound of a pin dropping.

For peace of mind, the Sentry drop down DVD screen is backed by a 3 year warranty* so why not contact the Sentry team today and discuss a custom design installation of a Sentry DVD entertainment system for your car today. Call us on (02) 8577 4922

* Individual product and labour warranty terms and conditions apply

Car Satellite Navigation Systems By Sentry

Enjoy your driving experience with a Sentry navigation system from Sentry. No more trying to read street directories or read tiny phone screen while driving. Now you can arrive relaxed, and with a minimum of fuss.

Your custom fitted Sentry navigation system will safely guide you to your destination and provide a wealth of information along the way, including an extensive and comprehensive range of ePoints of Interest such as petrol stations, banks and restaurants. You can even beat traffic jams by confidently detouring around them.

Did you know Sentry systems integrate seamlessly into new car dash layouts including the new Ford Focus, Fiesta and Ranger but we are not just about Ford. We can seamlessly fit a range of other makes and models so that the finished result is indistinguishable from factory fitted options. If you are thinking of upgrading the functionality of your vehicle, just ask and we can let you know right over the phone if we supply a solution for your particular car.

Sentry personal in-built navigator is packed with features and options you will love AND it is user friendly and available NOW at your Sentry dealership at ten convenient locations all around Sydney.

Call Sentry now on (02) 8577 4922

Central Locking At A Touch

There has been a lot of development in vehicle access technology over the past few years. In the old days, you needed a key to open your car and then you would need to manually open each of the other door locks by hand.

Central locking was a huge upgrade in convenience but when they added in that magic little button to unlock your car, getting into your car became fun. If you don’t have a button to unlock your car, don’t worry because Sentry Automotive Solutions can help.

We can supply and fit 4 door or 2 door central locking kits that are remote operated or that are operated on a standard key operation for the ‘strictly old school’ crowd.

We provide Keyless Entry Upgrades for vehicles that have factory standard central locking and you get the peace of mind of a one year warranty* incase anything happens to go wrong with the system (unlikely) in the first twelve months.

Central locking is perfect for upgrading higher value, collectable vehicles as it changes nothing visually on the vehicle but adds in total convenience.

If you have a car, a ute or van that you wish had one button access and central locking, drop us a line at Sentry Automotive Solutions and lets give you a quote to get it sorted out at any one of our ten convenient locations all over Sydney. We can even come to you.

Call (02) 8577 4922

* Individual product and labour

warranty terms and conditions apply

Of course these days you can even buy cars where you don’t need to press anything and upgrades will soon be available along these lines.


Cruise Control For All Cars

A low cost way to manage drive fatigue on long trips, reduce fuel consumption and reduce the likelihood of a speeding ticket is to have a Sentry fitted cruise control installed into your car. Cruise control is not a standard feature of many small economical cars but it can be fitted by an aftermarket specialist.

If you are doing a lot of highway travel, cruise control just makes sense.

  • Cruise control gives you the flexibility of being able to place your legs wherever they are most comfortable
  • Cruise smooths out the engine revs of your car making it drive more efficiently
  • Cruise control makes it easy to stick to the limit and frees your mind to concentrate on the road ahead.

Using state of the art cruise controls to suit many car makes and models, Sentry Automotive Solutions use a customised approach to fit the best solution for your driving style. We offer both stalk operation and steering wheel switch options for most vehicles. The anti surge technology provides piece of mind when using Sentry’s Cruise Control along with a full 3 year replacement warranty*.

The best part is that having your car cruise control fitted by the market leader costs less than you might expect so give the Sentry team a call today and let them quote you on installing a car cruise control on your car, ute or van today.

You can have it fitted sorted at any one of our ten convenient locations all over Sydney and we can even come to you.

Call (02) 8577 4922

* Individual product and labour warranty terms and conditions apply