Finally, A Kid Friendly Car Interior

If you have children or messy friends, driving them around in your car can be a stressful affair. All those sticky fingers and open beverage containers are an accident (and a stain on your beautiful interior) waiting to happen.

Of course, you can opt to take the bus whenever you are with your beloved off-spring but this can be inconvenient with a pram and a weeks worth of groceries so if you don’t’ like the thought of your carpet or fabrics getting stained and dirty and you love them to remain fresh and clean then Sentry carpet protection is for you.

Once you have used Sentry carpet and fabric protection you don’t need to worry any more. The kids may track dirt in and spill drinks or worse yet drop their ice cream but no worries, a quick mop up or wipe and the mess is no more as the Sentry carpet and fabric protection prevents staining completely.

If you have all leather upholstery or vinyl trim Sentry have got that covered too. Even sun baked, dry and hard vinyl or leather can be restored to supple softness with Sentry Vinyl/Leather protection. This product soaks deep down into the fabric to seal it from further harm and restoring suppleness. Naturally, this also prevents further drying and cracking too.

Like Sentry Paint Protection, the secret of Sentry Vinyl and leather protection cream is in the products ability to protect your interior against harmful UV rays. This coupled with superior stains protection provides a barrier against wear and tear to have your car interior looking great, year after year after year.

If you long for a stress free life, why not call now to book your car in today. You will be amazed how calming it is to know that grubby marks and spilt drinks are a simple wipe up operation and you can concentrate on more important things.

Goodbye Car Polish, Hello Mirror Finish

We all like to keep our cars shiny however if you want to keep your cars exterior in show room condition but don’t want to spend your weekends polishing, then you can’t go past Sentry Diamond Glaze.

The fusion chemical process of the Sentry paint protection glaze penetrates right into the paintwork, even filling in fine scuffs and scratches. The result is a flawless mirror finish that never requires polishing!

The Sentry Diamond Glaze formula works by sealing the paint so air contaminates, bird droppings and other foreign matter can not get a grip on your paint finish. Sentry paint protection also protects your paint from UV rays which can cause paint to dull. This ‘dull layer of paint’ is actually what you traditionally polish off to expose fresh paint underneath but with Sentry Diamond Glaze, the paint is protected and thus never dulls. Result? No MORE POLISHING!

The best news is that Sentry Diamond Glaze is applied by a professional team while you relax with a nice cup of coffee. One simple visit is all you need to avoid a life time of hard scrubbing and polishing. If you like the sound of that, give the Sentry team a call today and book your car in now.

Never Have Trouble Parking Again

With a limited supply of car parking spaces in the city, it makes sense to be able to make use of whatever is available, regardless of how tight it is and now you can!

Sentry reversing sensors or Sentry reversing camera help take the guesswork out of going backwards and are both brilliant aids for parking which will have you parking in ever tighter car spaces with ease.

The Sentry reversing sensors are an audible guide that start from the moment you put your vehicle into reverse gear. The system lets you know it is active with two audible beeps, then as you are reversing back it gives another set of two beeps at firstly 8m then 5m and then starts to beep in increasingly short intervals to help you to judge the remaining distance between your rear bumper and any obstacles behind your vehicle.
Couple Sentry reversing sensors with a Sentry reversing camera and parking actually becomes fun. LIke the reverse sensors, the camera will automatically turns on when you put your vehicle in reverse. It has a super sensitive CCE low lux ‘Night Vision’ for clear viewing even in very low light (underground car-parks and garages or example) and when coupled with the LCD TFT Colour Monitor which has a 150’ viewing angle it shows you where you are reversing to help you avoid accidents and make full use of the space available to you.

Both Sentry after market reversing sensors and after market reverse camera systems have a 3 year nationwide warranty and regardless of which system you have fitted, you should only used it as an aid, not as a substitute.

Ford Focus Satellite Navigation By Sentry

This new and upgraded Ford Focus Navigation is the the perfect addition to what we think is a best in class drive and it compliments the Focus’ great looks, comfort, convenience and fuel economy.

This new navigation product from Sentry Automotive Solutions features for your convenience a rear view camera, real-time School Zone Warnings and Speed Camera Warnings. You can also easily and efficiently switch up songs and adjust the music volume from the convenience of the steering wheel navigation points.

Ford Focus Navigation Key Specifications

Multi-function Entertainment:

  • Original OE Design, Plug and Play
  • Built-in GPS, Intelligent Voice Guide, Route Plan, Advanced POI
  • Bluetooth with A2DP, Hands Free
  • Mp3/Mp4 Player
  • USB Display/ SD Display
  • 45Wx4 power amplification and 4.1 channel pre-out
  • One rear view camera (CVBS), one video in (CVBS)
  • Backlight Dimmer

Hardware Highlights:

  • SiRF Prima 600Mhz CPU, Powerful ARM 11 architecture, 300MHz DSP,
  • faster speed, higher performance
  • Mobile Hard Drive: support (exFAT, 2TB)
  • Play and charge: iPhone 3G, iPod (Calssic, Nano, Shuffle), iTouch
  • Video: RMVB/RM, AVI, MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264/WMV;D1 resolution,
  • (NTSC: 720*480/PAL: 720*576)
  • Support 3D Hardware Acceleration: HD 3D graphics for real 3D map
  • High-Speed USB 2.0: 480Mbps
  • 2 USB Port, Charge to mobile phone
  • Storage: 4GB SD/Micro (standard), supports SD & USB up to 64GB
  • Built-in Memory Nand Flash up to 4GB
  • DDR RAM: 128MB DDR-400MHz (two times than its competitor)

Software Highlights:

  • Windows CE 6.0
  • Dual Zone Entertainment
  • GUI Customisation, Skin Change
  • Language Customised: more than 17 languages optional
  • Start Up Images, easy to customised
  • Main Menu Logo, easy to customised
  • Bidirectional Copy Files between: USB Flash/SD and Built-in Storage
  • Friendly Navigator Path Setting, easy to change

Ford Focus – Navigation Features

  • High Definition Digital Touch Screen
  • Built in GPS Navigation . Super-Fast 600 MHZ Processor
  • Text to Speech . Spoken Street Names
  • School Zone Warnings . Speed Camera Warnings
  • Warnings can be invoked even if not navigating
  • Built in Bluetooth . High Clarity . Hands Free With External Microphone
  • Fast Phonebook download with Alpha Numeric Selection
  • Incoming call number display
  • Navigation over Bluetooth . Map Only . No Voice Interruption
  • A2DP Bluetooth Music Streaming . Digital Quality
  • Ipod Interface . Full Ipod Control . Charges when Connected .
  • 2 X USB Interface . Can Manage up to 500 GB HDD
  • Steering Wheel Control Interface
  • 4GB Internal Hard Disk Drive for Music, Photo, Video Storage

For your peace of mind, Sentry’s Ford Focus Navigation by Sentry is backed with 3 year warranty

Give Sentry Automotive Solutions a call today for more information about Ford Focus Navigation at (02) 8577 4922

*Individual product and labour warranty terms and conditions apply.