Central Locking At A Touch

There has been a lot of development in vehicle access technology over the past few years. In the old days, you needed a key to open your car and then you would need to manually open each of the other door locks by hand.

Central locking was a huge upgrade in convenience but when they added in that magic little button to unlock your car, getting into your car became fun. If you don’t have a button to unlock your car, don’t worry because Sentry Automotive Solutions can help.

We can supply and fit 4 door or 2 door central locking kits that are remote operated or that are operated on a standard key operation for the ‘strictly old school’ crowd.

We provide Keyless Entry Upgrades for vehicles that have factory standard central locking and you get the peace of mind of a one year warranty* incase anything happens to go wrong with the system (unlikely) in the first twelve months.

Central locking is perfect for upgrading higher value, collectable vehicles as it changes nothing visually on the vehicle but adds in total convenience.

If you have a car, a ute or van that you wish had one button access and central locking, drop us a line at Sentry Automotive Solutions and lets give you a quote to get it sorted out at any one of our ten convenient locations all over Sydney. We can even come to you.

Call (02) 8577 4922

* Individual product and labour

warranty terms and conditions apply

Of course these days you can even buy cars where you don’t need to press anything and upgrades will soon be available along these lines.


About Sentry Automotive Services

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