Electro-Magnetic Interference Tinting

Automotive Tint Electo-Magnetic Interference Non-Metalised (AT-ENINM) is a window film that is available between 17% and 35% visible light transmission and is specifically developed to overcome metalled film interference.

Most quality modern tints are comprised of tiny flecks of metal however these metallic tints can interfere with reception if your car has an integrated antenna system for the satellite navigation, radio or integrated telephone.

Unfortunately, non metal tints have a reputation for turning an unpleasant shade of purple after a relatively short time but AT-ENINM is an electro-magnetic interference free tint that will not purple over time.

The stability of colour in ENINM is achieved through the process of multiple layered UV absorbers which ensure the film is fade resistant yet the film is optically unsurpassed with high clarity and low reflection which offers clear uninterrupted viewing day or night.

Another potential issue with window tint is lifting or bubbling. AT-ENINM overcomes this issue with a patented high performance resin mounting adhesive so when this product is applied, it sticks fast and looks great for the years ahead.

AT-ENINM is also scratch resistant to withstand those inevitable knocks of day to day life so if you are searching out a car tint film that gives great looks, optimal clarity and won’t interfere with your electronic gadgetry, AT-ENINM could offer the solution you have been looking for.

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