Finally, A Kid Friendly Car Interior

If you have children or messy friends, driving them around in your car can be a stressful affair. All those sticky fingers and open beverage containers are an accident (and a stain on your beautiful interior) waiting to happen.

Of course, you can opt to take the bus whenever you are with your beloved off-spring but this can be inconvenient with a pram and a weeks worth of groceries so if you don’t’ like the thought of your carpet or fabrics getting stained and dirty and you love them to remain fresh and clean then Sentry carpet protection is for you.

Once you have used Sentry carpet and fabric protection you don’t need to worry any more. The kids may track dirt in and spill drinks or worse yet drop their ice cream but no worries, a quick mop up or wipe and the mess is no more as the Sentry carpet and fabric protection prevents staining completely.

If you have all leather upholstery or vinyl trim Sentry have got that covered too. Even sun baked, dry and hard vinyl or leather can be restored to supple softness with Sentry Vinyl/Leather protection. This product soaks deep down into the fabric to seal it from further harm and restoring suppleness. Naturally, this also prevents further drying and cracking too.

Like Sentry Paint Protection, the secret of Sentry Vinyl and leather protection cream is in the products ability to protect your interior against harmful UV rays. This coupled with superior stains protection provides a barrier against wear and tear to have your car interior looking great, year after year after year.

If you long for a stress free life, why not call now to book your car in today. You will be amazed how calming it is to know that grubby marks and spilt drinks are a simple wipe up operation and you can concentrate on more important things.

About Sentry Automotive Services

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