Goodbye Car Polish, Hello Mirror Finish

We all like to keep our cars shiny however if you want to keep your cars exterior in show room condition but don’t want to spend your weekends polishing, then you can’t go past Sentry Diamond Glaze.

The fusion chemical process of the Sentry paint protection glaze penetrates right into the paintwork, even filling in fine scuffs and scratches. The result is a flawless mirror finish that never requires polishing!

The Sentry Diamond Glaze formula works by sealing the paint so air contaminates, bird droppings and other foreign matter can not get a grip on your paint finish. Sentry paint protection also protects your paint from UV rays which can cause paint to dull. This ‘dull layer of paint’ is actually what you traditionally polish off to expose fresh paint underneath but with Sentry Diamond Glaze, the paint is protected and thus never dulls. Result? No MORE POLISHING!

The best news is that Sentry Diamond Glaze is applied by a professional team while you relax with a nice cup of coffee. One simple visit is all you need to avoid a life time of hard scrubbing and polishing. If you like the sound of that, give the Sentry team a call today and book your car in now.

About Sentry Automotive Services

Sentry Automotive Solutions are your automotive aftermarket partner. We supply and fit enhanced security systems, car entertainment consoles, cruise control, window tint and more. If you buy a base model vehicle and you want some bling or enhanced functionality, call us now on (02) 8577 4922, we can fit to your car at any one of seven convenient locations around Sydney OR we come to you!