Never Have Trouble Parking Again

With a limited supply of car parking spaces in the city, it makes sense to be able to make use of whatever is available, regardless of how tight it is and now you can!

Sentry reversing sensors or Sentry reversing camera help take the guesswork out of going backwards and are both brilliant aids for parking which will have you parking in ever tighter car spaces with ease.

The Sentry reversing sensors are an audible guide that start from the moment you put your vehicle into reverse gear. The system lets you know it is active with two audible beeps, then as you are reversing back it gives another set of two beeps at firstly 8m then 5m and then starts to beep in increasingly short intervals to help you to judge the remaining distance between your rear bumper and any obstacles behind your vehicle.
Couple Sentry reversing sensors with a Sentry reversing camera and parking actually becomes fun. LIke the reverse sensors, the camera will automatically turns on when you put your vehicle in reverse. It has a super sensitive CCE low lux ‘Night Vision’ for clear viewing even in very low light (underground car-parks and garages or example) and when coupled with the LCD TFT Colour Monitor which has a 150’ viewing angle it shows you where you are reversing to help you avoid accidents and make full use of the space available to you.

Both Sentry after market reversing sensors and after market reverse camera systems have a 3 year nationwide warranty and regardless of which system you have fitted, you should only used it as an aid, not as a substitute.

About Sentry Automotive Services

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